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In the spirit of competition...

As the mothership,, will be making a scholarship donation for each completed \"Cannonball Read,\" I\'d like to extend a challenge to any fellow, half-way casual readers.

If anyone thinks that they have what it takes to out-read-and-review me, a recent grad who\'s forgotten how to read anything but textbooks, or they doubt my ability to actually read 52 books to begin with, then let\'s make things interesting. Perhaps a friendly competition where the book difference results in a charitable contribution?

E-mail me at chadobryhim @ if you\'re interested.

Take a look, It’s in a blog…

October 13, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have ourselves an honest-to-God book race!

That’s right — The Cannonball Read II starts November 1st. And on that day some likely hundred would-be competitors will embark on a fifty-two book read-and-review marathon over the ensuing twelve months.

Sha-Zam. That’s a lot of reading.

I’ll take advantage of the “About” page and explain things in finer detail soon, but this blog is my qualifying ticket to compete. Updates are coming soon with reviews, previews, cries for help and sad, sad regret.

Want to get the whole, confusing low-down from the source? Here is the Official CBRII announcement and here is the original Cannonball Read Challenge for some history.

See you soon!